Mandelic Acid Body Emulsion
1. Metabolize the old horny of skin 2. Reduce pigmentation and whiten the skin 3. Inhibit sebum secretion 4. Gently exfoliation effect 5. Improve the rough, dry and dark skin
Beauty Breast Emulsion
Increase the fullness of breast and against to the loose, lack of elasticity breast.
Cellulite Thermo Activating Cream
It can accelerate local metabolism and blood circulation, eliminate excess waste in the body, improve cellulite problems, and restore a slim curve.
Total Burning & Sculp Body Care Gel
1. Temperature evolution: penetrates the fat deeply. 2. Skin firming savior: thermal effect on deep skin, waist, abdomen, etc. 3. Create a perfect skin curve.
Seaweed Body Intensive Emulsion
Moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, repairing. All-around skincare at one time. Improve dry skin, make skin soft and supple.
Pine Wood Flour Scrub Powder
Lavender Oil can balance central nervous system to decrease the pressure, depression, insomnia, help you release the muscle soreness and rise the immunity.


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