Day and Night Reboot Serum Capsules
1. Maintain the hydration force of stratum corneum and improve the problem such as rough skin, dullness and aging. 2. Increase the brightness of the skin amd make it more stabilize.
Dual Transparent Whitening Serum
Prevent melanin production, enhance skin crystallinity, brightness, and improve dull skin tone. It feels refreshing and not greasy.
Natural Emu Essence
Deep moisturizing, anti-inflammatory repair, and soothe the skin.
Collagen-H.C Complex Serum
Provide nutrient and hydrate the skin. Replenish the collagen to promote firmness and brighten your skin.
Phyto Repair Essence
1. Marine Collagen can long last lock in moisture, repair the damaged skin and promote collagen synthesis. 2. Recommend for people who is dryness, oily, sensitive skin and after professional treatment.
Healthy Skin Microbiota Serum
Maintain the balance of the skin microbiota to repair and stabilize skin emergencies, continuously improve skin conditions such as anti-aging, tighten pores and anti-acne.
Bee Venom Complex
Speed up cell regeneration, tighten and lift the skin, smooth fine lines, and refine pores.


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