Flowerfruit New Skin Complex Treatment
Immediately shine in 1 minute, restore delicate skin texture, improve dullness, regulate skin texture, brighten and firm skin.
Acne Buster Serum
1. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. 2. Balance sebum secretion and keep pores clean. 3. Improve acne-prone skin problem. 4. Reduce pigmentation and whitening the skin.
Enzyme Mandelic Acid 35%
Improve spots, brighten skin, shrink pores, eliminate acne, soften skin, balance oil, and cleanse deeply.
Acne Control Serum
The 2 active ingredients of BHA and Lavender Hydrolat which can inhibit sebum secretion and smoothly calm down the skin to prevent pimples keep growing.
E.G.F Essence
Accelerate wound repair, increase skin elasticity and luster, repair damaged skin, and decompose synthesized melanin.
Snail Gel Facial Nutritive
It can help skin delay aging, maintain skin moisture, prevent skin dryness, improve skin protection against environmental damage, and activate skin keratin repair function.
Herbal Massage Cream
It has good extensibility and a rich, and non-sticky texture. With massage, it can improve the dull skin tone and create vibrant, radiant, and pure skin.


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