Pure White Reparaturcreme
Kojic Dipalmitate collaborates with DMS formula dive deep into the skin to inhibit melanin production, correct dark spots, acne scars and blemishes whiling moisturize your skin.
Flowerfruit New Skin Complex Treatment
Immediately shine in 1 minute, restore delicate skin texture, improve dullness, regulate skin texture, brighten and firm skin.
Quiet Night Essential Oil Blend
It is a sedative for the nervous system, with sedative and antibacterial properties that can relieve anxiety, release stress, and regain a good mood.
Sensual Essential Oil Blend
It can relieve some mental problem such as depression, irritability and anxiety. It can also improve obesity, loose skin, poor sleep quality and indigestion problem.
Anti-Fatigue Essential Oil Blend
It has the effect of soothing, relaxing and stabilizing emotions in extremely stressful situations.
Day and Night Reboot Serum Capsules
1. Maintain the hydration force of stratum corneum and improve the problem such as rough skin, dullness and aging. 2. Increase the brightness of the skin amd make it more stabilize.
2 in 1 Eye Care Kit
Effectively improves eye swelling and eye bags, moisturizes the skin around the eyes, and immediately restores the firmness, brightness, and radiance of the eyes.
Whitening Solution Facial Mask
1. Reduce uneven pigmentation. 2. Improve skin metabolism and renewal. 3. Collapse melanin and whiten the skin.
Mandelic Acid Body Emulsion
1. Metabolize the old horny of skin 2. Reduce pigmentation and whiten the skin 3. Inhibit sebum secretion 4. Gently exfoliation effect 5. Improve the rough, dry and dark skin
Acne Buster Serum
1. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. 2. Balance sebum secretion and keep pores clean. 3. Improve acne-prone skin problem. 4. Reduce pigmentation and whitening the skin.
Polar Translucent Peel Off Mask
Repair deeply to the damaged skin, increase the protection of the skin and improve the dryness and dullness problem.
Urban D-pollution Classic Peel Off Mask
1. Balance and purify the pores to prevent the skin from hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. 2. Increase immunity of skin, avoid the damage from free redical and anti-inflammatory.


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